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It is useless to call them...

Pantheon Staglieno

...more intelligent than us.

Staglieno  (Italy) 

The largest monumental cemetery in europe.


It rises in the Bisagno valley, and is the main cemetery of the city of Genoa, built in the half of the nineteenth century.


Drow dawn by predominantly Genoese sculptors, a long list of famous people buried there makes it a popular destination for visitors.


It has such a large park of statues and ornaments that Ernest Hemingway called it a wonder of the world.

Staglieno towerStaglieno a kid
Staglieno ReflectionStaglieno cross in the sun Staglieno high Staglieno flower and kidsStaglieno tears over a statueStaglieno wishing go awayStaglieno in a eye a crossStaglieno a cross in the sun Staglieno looking farhidden under a veil StaglienoStaglieno a man think Mr and Mrs Whitehead and Bentley StaglienoA child and a flower StaglienoStaglieno main churchStaglieno wise manStaglieno cross ignoredStaglieno the god in a nichethe god above the numbers StaglienoStaglieno a cross lost in the shadowsStaglieno walking among the flowersStaglieno scattered sunbeamsStaglieno rain of flowersStaglieno sunny cathedralStaglieno ancient and ruined prayerStaglieno shadow of a tombStaglienoStaglieno shadow of a tombStaglieno reflections of a cemeteryStaglieno he rests among the flowers Staglieno silhouetted angel Staglieno the giant watches you
Staglieno a pillow for two

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