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Apocalypse yes, but not today.


The horsemen of the apocalypse between past, present, and ideas for living better

Brief historical notes  


First Knight:


the death.

4 horsemen apocalypse, fear and death,

Second knight:

the plague.

the plague, testament john, apocalypse, the four horsemen,

Third Knight:


the war, apocalypse knights, photographer of the knights,

Fourth Knight:

the famine.

 the knight of famine, apocalypse according to john,

Historical Notes :

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four symbolic figures introduced in Revelation John 6:1-8[1],

They have no names except the last one called Death/Pestilence (the Greek word θάνατος, thánatos, has both meanings).

Particularly discussed is the figure of the first horseman The first horseman to appear at the opening of the seals is the one who rides the white horse and is described holding a bow and a crown on his head. There are differing opinions about the first horseman; some believe he represents Christ while others believe he is the so-called antichrist. Until the time of the Protestant Reformation, the most popular opinion was that the rider of the white horse was Christ. Later investigators wanted for dramatic consistency to associate him with a negative valence with the symbolism of military conquest.

However a definitive agreement has not yet been reached , either to identify the rider or its meaning.

It is different for the other horsemen who certainly have negative and catastrophic valences together. On the red horse, war. On the black horse, famine, and on the pale horse, as we said, death associated with fear and disease.


Author''s note: wanting to give a photographic expression I took license to interpret in an alternative and free form, as other authors have done, associating with the plague , given the passage of the Covid, the form of a complete horseman.


Cultural association: Veterans of Flanders, and for having participated for free, perhaps traveling km by car.

The whole La Rocca family with the super Vicky in action :)

Isabella Missio for the painting of the horses

Historical Association : veterans of Flanders:


was founded in 2016 with the purpose of historically re-enacting a company of Italian mercenaries in the pay of the Spanish Empire during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648).

symbol company veterans flanders