Photography steals the soul.


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Photographing in:


I admit

Capturing the fleeting moment, captures.





Hunting in

the streets.

Guaranteed fun.

  Sometimes   you  get hunted.

photo, a ride, street photography, people in the street, mural, graffiti, art, despair, hand on forehead, old man, laughter, mockery, bull fingers, megaphone, pounding, roberto, street,all against you, street photography, crying, laughing,

Ah Ah Ah!!

photo, walking, Pestarino, Roberto, street photography, poster, fire signs, fire hydrant, water hose, jewellery, fist,Walk, walking, near jewelry, woman, poster,

On the way.

A world of circles.

photo, a ride, street photography, cyclist, headphones, background with rings, on wall,
photo, a ride, street photography, people in the street, pestarino, roberto, child, child lifted up, child, child lifted up, hands holding, support with child hands lifted up, bib, work in progress, multilingual, funnel of words, white poster, shop window

work in progress pestarino infante.

photo,street photography, lion statue, old man, singing,

statua leone urlo anziano baffi .

photo,a tour,street photography,people in the street,pestarino,roberto,phone,mobile,screen,window,frame,theory of people,queue of people,yellow light

persone in cornice telefono cellulare parete.

photo, a tour, street photography, people in the street, pestarino, roberto, piazza, fountain in piazza, fountain grande, genoa, piazza de ferrari genova, piazza de ferrari, winter, little red hat, hat, woolly hat

pestarino de ferrari genova piazza.

photo, a ride, street photography, people in the street, pestarino, roberto, people on the phone, mobile phone, calls, talk on the phone, arcades, poster, billboard, blonde in the hole, beautiful blonde, blonde hair

telefoni cellulari pestarino .

photo, a tour, street photography, people in the street, pestarino, roberto, waiting room, benches, seated person, seated man, open mouth, yawning man, seats, benches, dirty walls, dirty walls, shadows on walls, signs of passage, waiting room people

in attesa su panchina con tanti piccoli fantasmi.

street photography walls of different colors written on the wall

el mostro scale con lampione.

street photography emergency exit park prison metal fence

uscita di sicurezza uomo nero aspetta.

Pestarino roberto street photography children carnival costume hurdles

bambino vestito da carnevale recinzione.

Pestarino roberto street photography cycle road

strada per biciblette maglietta attraversa.

Pestarino roberto street photography city sign two doubtful elderly people in hat

2 anzioni con tanti nomi di città.

Pestarino roberto street photography Banksy red balloon senior wall

pestarino palloncino banksy anziano calvo .

Pestarino roberto street photography girl wall skier waits

sciatrice muro manifesto.

Pestarino roberto street photography mom with little girl crying loudly

Pestarino, Robert, street photography, posters, fire signs, hydrant, water hose, jewellery, fist

manifestazione vittoria maschera frecce.

bastoni anziani costruzione bianca.

oltre handicappato.

foto, un giro, fotografia di strada, persone in strada, murale,grafiti,arte,disperazione,mano sulla fronte,anziano,risate,derisione, dita a toro, megafono,pestarino,roberto,street,

pestarino derisione grafito.

Pestarino street photo never hide t-shirt usa flag colors

never hide pestarino usa .

pestarino street photography superman reads book after

superman legge libro pestarino.

pestarino street photography dancer white wall

pestarino danza notte.

pestarino street photography water boxes feet

pestarino bottigle acqua .

pestarino street photography prisoner shirt stripes senior door wood

prigioniero porta di legno pestarino.

pestarino street photography policewoman greek warrior poster

pestarino polizia eroe greco.

pestarino street photography nose ring lord of the rings

pestarino signore anelli .

manifesto intimo donna ombrello.

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