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Human constructions 




in the field of architecture and civil engineering, is a process that consists in the construction of a set of connected structures on the basis of a project or in any case of some level of planning. It is not a single activity but rather a system of components, systems, finishes.

And I'm also afraid of the elevator.

stair way to heaven human construction
De Chirico Genova human construction

Technical tests of imitation: De Chirico

De Chirico Genova human construction

Technical tests of imitation: De Chirico

Architectural evolutions.

human construction a new milano growhuman construction a new milano grow
human construction church cross iron sunset airplane in sky human construction a new milano grow

pestarino bosco verticale lavori cantiere.

Genoa historical square De chirico Spera ducal palace marble sphere

pestarino pensando a de chirico 1.

human construction Gattinara geometric gate gamehuman construction concrete pillars doors on the unfinished building nowhere


Elevator yellow lights Sunset

pestarino asti ascensore elevator.

door entry diagonal crooked line human constructionhuman construction yellow sheet stovehuman construction intertwining cables lampposts wall milan


human construction red yellow walls casa milan camera

pestarino milano stazione centrale .

pestarino telecamera milano palazzi gialli .

pestarino palazzi riflessi cantiere.

pestarino torre triangolare.

icaro66@gmail.comBerlin holocaust monument Monument to the memory of the victims of the holocaust
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